Hear from God,
Encounter Him, and Find
Your Spiritual Breakthrough

Destiny is Calling!

God is For You, Friend.

Ester 4:14

There’s so much more to God than you think. You can experience Him in a real way. You can hear from Him. Befriend Him. Lean on Him. And build a true friendship where you can experience His love on a daily basis. Partner with Him to Grow in His Purpose over your life.

Come listen to The Recalibrating Hearts Podcast and let me guide you on your journey to freedom with Jesus. My heart is for you, friend. And so is His!

But how?

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Find God’s Path for You &
Encounter the Truth of Jesus in a REAL Way!


I am learning so much about how much deeper my relationship with God can be.

"Miranda has opened my heart and mind to experience deeper revelation, a closer relationship with God, and holy spirit prompting in my life, marriage, and business. She is truly gifted by God and delivers on his call over her life by blessing, guiding, mentoring, and praying with and for her clients. I have been blessed with deeper wisdom, growth in my spiritual gifts, and am learning SO MUCH about how much deeper our relationship with God can be.”

- Stef G.

Miranda creates a safe place to be real and raw in order to get to the root

"Miranda creates a safe place to be real and raw in order to get to the root of the problem. Miranda works with the Holy Spirit to help you re-calibrate your heart to be in sync with the Father’s heart for you. Working with her has changed me, my motherhood, my marriage, and my business!"

- Heather B.

Her gift of prayer and knowledge is a direct download from the Holy Spirit

“Miranda’s connection to the Spirit and spot-on intuition has now carried me through my hardest trials. Her faith is unwavering and she has a keen knowledge for seeing how God is working in your life. She has truly been blessed by God to help you navigate these stormy life seas and allow them to make yourself a better person on many levels. Miranda’s ability to connect with God in prayer is probably her biggest gift. The knowledge coming from her is direct download from the Holy Spirit, filtered through her many years of experience, and handed to you in a usable package that makes sense. This is not religion but enlivened rejuvenation for your heart and soul.”

- Ida


Destiny is Calling!

God is For You, Friend.

Ester 4:14

spiritual growth

Are you ready for

so you can hear from God, encounter Him, and build a real relationship with Jesus?

Work with Miranda!

Apply for private, spiritual growth coaching where we can dig deep into activating His plans and promises over your life!

Together we will:

Get in agreement with Heaven
Heal from the inside out
Learn how to activate your prayer life
Battle spiritual warfare
Accelerate your purpose in Christ
Renew your hope
Discover Your Heavenly Inheritance
Learn how to build a real relationship with the father


Heaven is for you. 

You are covered. Healing is possible.

I was a shattered single mom that had lost my way… I was living on food stamps and working round the clock. Feeling lost, deserted, forgotten, abandoned, and left to fend for myself. I wondered if God was still for me? I was asking myself what I had done wrong and shame was the only blanket keeping me warm…

He found me in the middle of it all. I chose to believe the possibility that God was with me in the middle of my mess. He started putting the missing pieces back together lovingly, kindly, and purposefully.
He led me to a church and showed me the power of the Holy Spirit. He gently started speaking to my heart and showing me that His love was all I needed. That the wrongs, hurt, and pain could be taken away if I would just hand it to Him…
Through natural health, worship music, healing my body, spirit, and soul I began to see myself the way He saw me. He blessed me with real encounters, God-led mentors, and a beautiful family.

But God.

If you are ready to surrender your past, pain, unworthiness, shame, trauma, and wordly ties and exchange them for healing, health, wholeness, joy, hope, and purpose it’s time to step into Heaven’s purpose over your life.

I found breakthrough and healing in Him.

God is for you.

love, Mir

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