Your Heart

5 Steps to Connect with God and Hear from Holy Spirit

hey love,

Are you ready to uncover your spiritual blocks, heal your brokenness, connect with God, and bring heaven into your life?

I invite you to journey with me through this 5 step audio course experience. You will begin by digging deep to uncover the lies you are believing which you will bring before the Lord through prayer and activations. You will then learn how to renew your mind, take your prayer to the next level, and step into a new place of worship, praise, and gratitude.

Next, we will carve out space and time for you to prioritize time with God. And lastly, we will learn how to live spirit forward, go beyond the veil, and bring heaven to earth in your every day life.

I'm So ready!

This is for you if...

You can't seem to find peace

Your caught in a loop of destructive cycles

You are suffering from restlessness or hopelessness

Concerns of the world are debilitating

You are swirling in fear living a life full of distraction

Yes please!

Can I have more of you Lord?

Lord will you walk beside me?

Lord can you hear me?

Do you know there is more spiritually but you are afraid to go deeper? Do you know there are blocks, hurt, and pain keeping you from more intimacy with God? Did you know that healing and much more is available?

Are you feeling alone in your walk through life, yet you know that God has all the answers that you need and you are ready to invite him in but don't know how?

Are you praying yet feel unheard or unseen? Do you wonder if you are worthy of having conversations with Jesus? Do you struggle with getting quiet enough to hear Him in your daily life?


  • STEP 1: Uncover Your Spiritual Blocks
  • Step 2 Pt. 1: Healing Your Brokenness; The Power of Forgiveness
    Activation and Prayer
  • Step 2 Pt. 2: The Power of Forgiveness
    River of Life Activation
  • Step 2 Pt. 3: The Weight of unforgiveness
    Your Will
  • Step 3: How to Connect With God
    Power of Prayer
    Activation and Prayer
  • Step 4: Create Space for Intimacy
    Breaking Up With Pressure
  • Step 5: Unlocking More; Hi Holy Spirit
    Bringing Heaven Into Your Life
    Living Spirit Forward
    Activate Your Kingdom Impact
  • Closing Thoughts: Going Beyond the Veil

for you


One-time Investment

I'm In!


Miranda has helped me connect with God more deeply, have a prayer warrior sister in Christ, and understand God's love in a real, tangible way

"Working with Miranda for the past year and a half has helped me connect with God more deeply, have a prayer warrior sister in Christ, and understand God's love in a real, tangible way. She has guided me, stretched me, challenged me, and helped me break through spiritual barriers that I didn't realize were holding me back. She is a holy-spirit-led mentor who has many gifts from the father that she pours out generously to help heal you... and help you rise into your Heavenly authority. She is an anointed daughter of the King and is such a blessing in my life!"

-Stefanie Gass

Miranda creates a safe place to be real and raw in order to get to the root of the problem

"Miranda creates a safe place to be real and raw in order to get to the root of the problem. Miranda works with the Holy Spirit to help you re-calibrate your heart to be in sync with the Father’s heart for you. Working with her has changed me, my motherhood, my marriage, and my business!"

- Heather B


"I've had the honor of being coached by Miranda, and I highly recommend coaching with her. Miranda is gentle but fierce, and she meets you where you are, creating a safe space for spiritual breakthrough. I trust her deeply and I repeatedly turn to her for her discernment, support and lantern tending gift. If you're thinking of working with Miranda as your coach, DO IT. Seriously, invest in this experience. Thank you for pouring into me and sharing your gifts, Mir."

- Jenny G


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